“The perfect balance of sweet with a little Texas kick. This isn’t your average barbecue sauce. It’s truly the best.” AJ T.

“It is definitely my new sauce of choice.” Russell P.

“If you’re looking for that one special sauce, then let the Best of Texas Barbecue Sauce make love to your meat. You’ll never want another.” Scott S.

“lets cut to the chase,, it is great tasting sauce !!! That’s it !!!” Greg R.

“Me and my neighbors love it !! Every time one of us starts up the bar barbecue someone is looking to see what’s on the menu.” Kim F.

“The sauce is so good I put it on itself. ” James H.

“Best sauce yet!!!” Robert S.

Customer Testimonials

“Its great has a nice bite to it. Getting ready to place another order” Michael H.

“Highly recommended!!!!! Once you have tried it all other sauces are blah!!!” Kevin R.

“John’s BBQ Sauce is racy on ribs!” Darr H.

“Once you experience this wonderful bbq sauce there is no returning to regular sauce. Manager at the Original Roadhouse Grill Bakersfield” Joy W.

“Best bbq sauce ever!!!” Tami S.

“Great Taste! we did a few variations, basted it on while BBQing, Marinaded over nite then tossed on the grill, Baked it on, and even Flavor waved it!”Frank L.

“I use the sauce on everything! Chicken, ribs, pork, etc… I have even dipped my fries in it. Best sauce ever!!!”Jessica S.

“It’s the best ever!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽now can I get a free sample. I will even come get it.” Rick L.

“John and Rich Howell showed up at our Monday night shop BBQ and John brought us a bottle of his BBQ sauce! It made meal and we hope to see you again soon! All of you out there “You need to get some!” Mike J.

“Mm!Mm!!Good!!!!” Tony S.

“This BBQ sauce is the best. Period. It has a sweet flavor with a bit of a kick at the end. It is great on everything but my favorite is on sliced meatloaf.” Rich H.

“It’s definitely is a must for the bbq grill masters. Tangy with the right spices great on the meat – cooked in or marinade prior – or dip your faves in as is …”Joe W.

“Best BBQ sauce I have ever had! Sweet with a kick. It is awesome on everything. Once you start eating it you can not stop. Highly recommended.” Brian H.

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